Space Fighter Inc. Reaching End of Kickstarter
Help us take flight

If you haven't seen it yet, Starfighter Inc. is a space fighter sim in the same vein as classics like Wing Commander and X-Wing vs Tie-Fighter. Unlike most games of that breed however, this game has a special focus on “Hardcore Science”, so everything from the design of the ship to the way they interact with space is nested in science fact; or as close as can be achieved at least.

The game looks great and is described as “Counter Strike meets World of Warships in space.” It provides intense, skill based multiplayer with large amounts of customizable content, and also features a single player mode, so you can make sure that you're bringing your A game into multiplayer. This is a campaign that promises as much as the multiplayer in terms of content. There is also a system in play where your actions determine the shift in power in the universe itself, which is a new concept for a game like this. While it may not all be dog fighting and ship building it does sound as though many familiar elements will come into play for a rousing space shoot-em-up.

Starfighter Inc. is currently on its second Kickstarter campaign, and it needs your help if you like what you've read. Wrapping up this coming Saturday, the project has accrued just over $104,300 of its $150,000 goal, and its creators are probably hoping they won't have to make three the magic number. Pledges start at $10 and the first tier to see a free copy of the game comes at the $25 mark, which includes your name in the credits, the ability to reserve your own call sign, all unlocked stretch goals, and more. So give it a look and help this cool project get off the ground. Fans of games like No Man's Sky, Star Citizen, and flight sims in general are clamoring to see this go through, and your humble writer hasn't been as excited for a game since Descent 2, so give it a look and judge for yourself.

See you in space (hopefully).