Pokemon GO Changing Real World Locations
As we change their world, thus do they change ours

As one of the top games of 2016, Pokemon Go has certainly left its mark on the world at large. Used to change people's exercise habits, increase their human interaction, and even improve the overall appearance of our communities, the game has generated hype for more than just its innovative play style. I know personally my community was full of stories about people connecting (or reconnecting) with people in their community, or cleaning parks and frequently travelled areas, or of people getting their lives back on track as they get out of their houses to catch Pokemon.

One such story came out of Japan this week, but I doubt it will be the last. Tojinbo is a series of cliffs that overlook the sea in Japan and has been a hot spot for suicide for many years. Despite an increased police presence and multiple attempts to change this, the number of people who take their lives there has been steadily on the rise for years. Until that is, Pokemon Go came out. As of April, there have been 0 suicides in the area and officials have attributed this to an increased number of Trainers in the area. You see, many people (trainers) who play Pokemon Go have discovered that Tojinbo is a hotbed for rare and super rare Pokemon. This has led tourists, travellers, and locals to travel there in search of them which has made the cliffs a less private place for those looking to end their lives.

While it's hard to say if Pokemon Go is responsible for this change, officials are pleased with the numbers, and hope that the popularity of the location dissuades those considering suicide, and leads them to seek help. This might also be a useful tactic in the future for games of the same kind when programmers look at similar areas. If nothing else, it sounds like it brings a little light to what was once a gloomy place.