Persona 5 Reveals Details About Velvet Room's New Mechanics
Igor will be joined by two mysterious girls, and this time, you're not a guest in the Velvet Room

Persona, one of the most emblematic series of Atlus, knew how to developed iconic moments, objects and places that remain known until this day. Aside from their unique playstyle and the development behind each character, the Velvet Room is an unique situation that is present in every game. This place is where our journey begins, encountering a strange individual named Igor, who explains the situation and give us a hint of all the things that are going to occur throughout the in-game year. 

However, it seems like Persona 5's Velvet Room will be entirely different for the main character. First, we are no longer a guest, but a prisoner. And second, Igor will be joined by two mysterious women: Caroline and Justine. They both have unique personalities, and each role will have an impact in the main character's path, and the relation between everyone involved. 

First and fore most, players tend to enter the Velvet Room before and after each battle, in order to register new Personas we were able to capture in the dungeons, in order to fuse them and create a more powerful ally. In these moments it's where Social Links were really important, due to the possibility of giving bonuses depending on the level of the rank with a specific card. But there are many new elements in Persona 5 regarding the fusion and skills of our creations. 

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A guillotine is now used to sacrifice those creatures who are going to be fused with another one, and we can finally choose which skills we want to inherit. Also, we are able to strenghten one persona in particular by using the same method, or even implement it in order to gain passive abilities, such as the Sleep Boost card seen in the video. 

There are still many mysteries to reveal, but we'll have to wait until April 4th in order to experience this new story. Persona 5 will be available on Playstation 3 and Playstation 4. 

Those who preorder a physical copy of Persona 5 will receive a steelcase edition for free, and there is a premium edition called 'Take your Heart' that includes a 60 page hard cover artbook, a few selected songs from the official soundtrack, a Morgana plush, a school bag and the steelcase with the game, all packed in a collector's box.