Overwatch: Blizzard Teases Amazing New Update
Easter eggs, but not the kind you'd think

Overwatch fans have had a lot to celebrate lately, and there appears to be more to come. It seems that game giant Blizzard is preparing to launch the King’s Road update, teased on Twitter, along with an Easter update which will drop next week. This will probably involve a slew of new costumes, emotes, tags, etc. but the thing thats really getting fans excited is the upcoming King’s Road event.

After posting a short teaser video, fans have speculated that this event will involves the King’s Road Uprising, which took place seven years ago in the Overwatch universe. The map in question has also been undergoing a number of renovations and aesthetic changes in the most recent PTR builds of the game, and some of these changes may even appear in the Easter Event update coming April 11th.

Whatever the case, it appears that Blizzard is just as excited about the coming update as its fans are. Renaud Galand, lead character artist for Overwatch, recently stated that this update will be, “the best thing Blizzard has worked on since the game's release last year”, and stated on Facebook that he couldn't wait for the debut. With Renaud in such an excited mood many fans have speculated that this update may even have a new character; maybe even the often teased Doom Fist? (voiced by the just as speculated Terry Crews?)

With Easter falling on April 16th this year and the event likely dropping next week, it's definitely going to be an exciting Overwatch weekend for many.