HON Reviews: Jungle Bob
A review of the mobile game Jungle Bob!

Jungle Bob is a new iOS infinite runner where you play as a man running through the jungle, collecting coins and throwing spears at anything that moves.

The gameplay is basic and simple, a little too simple if you ask me. The game is an infinite runner, but with a little combat thrown in. Your input consists of tapping the left side of your screen to jump, and tapping the right side to throw a spear. The spear throwing is tight and the aiming feels good, but the delay between spears is just a bit too long. It is not horribly long, but when enemies come at you in a group of three, you will most likely die. The enemy's AI is also very frustrating, The enemies can come at you in ways that you cannot dodge and this leads to frustration and many deaths will feel underserved.

The game throws in a variety of powerups, such as your standard shield, magnet, or boost. These are nothing exceptional but are nice to have in the game. 

The art for this game is pretty good. Cartoon graphics are hard to do, and it is easy to make these seem cheap. These tread right on the line and look ok, but could use improvement. I wish the game uses a brighter variety of colors to make objects pop. The music is also on the same level, nothing bad, nothing great. The music consists of instrumental tracks that are fairly upbeat and nice. 

The game has your standard free-to-play game microtransactions, but the ads in the game are generally annoying. This isn't a complaint about the game specifically, but rather on the prevalence and intrusion of ads in free to play mobile games.

Overall this game isn't terrible, but it isn't anything revolutionary or particularly interesting. Jungle Bob scores right in the middle with a 5/10 with a label of "average".

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