HON Reviews: I Am President
A review of the latest indie political satire - President Simulator "I Am President"

What happens when you mix Reigns, political satire, and a whole lot of polish? You get I Am President.

I Am President is a new iOS Game from Play? Play! Fun!!! and you are Donald Drumpf, who has become the president of the United States and must now make important decisions every day in order to keep the balance. The gameplay is similar to the aforementioned Reigns, where you choose one of two options via cards to make decisions on issues.

The decisions can range from anything like deciding what to do about declining education, to deciding what to do about zombies. Each decision can affect one or more of the 4 bars you have to manage: Funds, Approval, Security, and Population. Each decision will affect at least one of these bars, and it will represent the ones that will be affected with a dot, but it does not tell you if it will be affected positively, or negatively. This will help you gain a little bit of insight into the decisions, without making it too obvious about which decisions you should and shouldn't make. If one of the bars either hits its max capacity or hits zero, you lose. 

Some decisions will have great effects, such as getting hacked or being invaded by zombies. The game does not mind delving into the absurd, but at no point does it seem excessively silly. Things like the alien invasion will alter the background and add in specific cards that only appear for that specific situation. This will help shake things up for you, and keep you engaged to see all the content. 

The game does political satire right. This would work out with any president and I don't think anyone would end up too offended from this. The game doesn't feel like it has a political agenda, and instead, decides to verge on the ridiculous rather than the offensive.

The art style in this game is incredible, cartoon style art makes use of bright colors and pairs with quality sound effects that match the art perfectly. The game looks like a webcomic and I feel like that is the look it was going for. My favorite part about the art is the window behind the president, which changes if a major event takes place (the hacking version is shown below).

I Am President is great in every way, a variety of cards, fun simplistic gameplay that even my friends that never play games had a good time. The art style is simple, with great sound effects to boot. I can see I Am President taking a permanent seat on my iPhone, which is why I am giving I Am President a 10 out of 10 with a label of "silly".

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