Home of Indies Will Change The Indie Industry Forever
Home of Indies will provide resources and support for indie developers as never before

It is time for things to change. Indie devs spend countless hours looking for help and resources when they could be spending time working on their games. They often lack support and are forced to rely on themselves and we believe the indie community deserves so much better. We see first hand the lack of help, advice, and resources that are available to independent developers thanks to platforms thinking about their profits, rather than looking after the people that make those profits. We see talent go to waste on a daily basis - either through lack of funds or lack of direction. Home of Indies will change all this. We invite you to join us as we change the indie game industry forever.

Home of Indies is asking for $15,000 to go towards maintaining and developing the platform. Once we raise the money, we will keep our dedicated community 100% informed on what we are accomplishing with your donations. Either through our weekly dev blog e-mails, or updates coming from our online sources, we will be completely transparent with the funds provided.

We aren’t just creating a website builder, we are creating a solution and a tremendous indie resource center made by game industry professionals, as well as an easy to use white label website builder combined with a marketplace that’s focused on indie developers, with a ton of different widgets and uses, all unbranded and free!

There are many indie developers out there. We want them to know they are not alone in this difficult business. Whether you are a developer or a fan of the indie gaming community, this campaign is for you. If you can show support by donating, that’s amazing. Aside from donating, you can help us by spreading the word on your social networks about our Home of Indies crowdfunding campaign. We believe that Home of Indies is going to be a huge boost for the entire indie gaming community, and we can’t wait to get to work! So please check out the link and change things together!