Daniel Craig to Reprise Bond Role
Fans report being "shaken but not stirred."

Daniel Craig, as you may recall, took up the mantle of James Bond back in 2006 and the four Bond movies he starred in (Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, Skyfall, and Spectre) are considered great additions to the Bond franchise. But despite being one of the top actors to play Bond, in the opinion of many fans (I was always fond of Sean Connery but I’m old), Craig expressed open disdain for the role. Stating multiple times that he’d rather “cut his own wrists” than take up the role of Spy Extraordinaire again, it was believed by many that we would never seen him in the Bond role at least once more.

This stance changed, however, in 2016 and seems to have changed for the better. Craig has recently expressed a fondness for the role and it seems there may be a fifth Bond movie Craig on the horizon. With no set release date or working, the film will mark the 25th Bond movie, but will likely mark the last appearance of Daniel Craig in the role; so many believe. This movie will draw his particular story line to a close and many think it unlikely that he will enter into another long series of Bond films; though no one can say for sure. Given a love for old IP’s in the box office I think the time is certainly right for another Bond movie, and look forward to seeing it (hopefully) soon.