Cheap on Steam: The Last Weekend
Murder mystery dinner game simulator

Hey there guys, thanks for joining me again. I know I play a lot of bad games for this column - I consider it a public service - but this game today is not one of those games. Today I’ve found a visual novel/interactive adventure called The Last Weekend. On the surface the game looks like a typical horror visual novel with the expected tropes and twists...because that's what it is. The game follows four teenagers/early twenties/mid twenties (I can't really decide, and I think it was kept ambiguous on purpose) who go away to a secluded B&B in the middle of nowhere for a "weekend getaway”. When their host mysteriously winds up dead (an act I’m betting gets them 5 stars on Yelp every time) the teens must try to find out why, whilst trying not to to be killed by a series of weird death scenes. Along the way they solve puzzle mini games, have dialog options that don't really matter that much, and undertake random acts of cheesecake to keep the younger players from getting bored (because we all know that an implied sex scene or a peek at some up skirt is what keeps all the nerds coming back).

Gameplay wise it's a pretty standard interactive adventure. You can choose between the four main characters but it my mind there are really only two options. Anthony and Alice who make up team Aryan (I assume their children will one day reflect the ideas of Mein Kampf and give hope to remnants of the Nazi Party) and Rita and Paul who make up team Alternative (I assume their children will graduate community college and manage a Hot Topic or something). This may be a bit of a harsh comparison but while both members of Team Alternative are artistic, intelligent, and kind of have things going for them all I can really say about Team Aryan is that they look like a catalog models for Hitler Youth and are kinda tropey; then again all the characters in this game are kinda tropey so whatever. While it doesn't really matter which character you choose they do all have a kind of unique experience while still being pretty similar to the others since it all follows the same story after all. Players will click on things to interact with them and generally will explore the hotel while trying to complete tasks; pretty standard stuff. Keep in mind though that whichever player you pick will probably doom your polar opposite to a grizzly murder so...have fun with that.

Graphically the game is nothing special but it gets its point across and has clearly defined objects, boundaries, and wont glitch you into the floor; which is more than I can say for some games with great graphics (I’m lookin' at you Fallout). While possessing a simple design scheme, the game is charming and has no problem using the images provided to get its point across. I do have to say though that the sound quality and application was spot on. Whether it’s the ambient sounds heard throughout or the the dramatic music, the sound quality is what you’d expect from a game like this and the application is flawless and immersive.

My only negative comment about this game is the fact that it's marked as containing nudity. As I’ve stated before in more than a few of these cheesecake is nice but it ain't nudity kids. Marking your game as “Containing nudity” seems like a sales cop out to me, and this game really could have stood on its own without it. I’m not sure if Steam just counts “Individuals in their underwear” or “A naked back” as nudity but adding a “Contains nudity” tag seems to imply a certain presence that this game did not have.

I’m scoring this game 4 out of 5 because while I enjoyed it, the novelty of playing through it again with the other players was a little boring. I would definitely recommend it if your a fan of visual/interactive novels and for the price (it was free) it was worth the money...